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Calendars Exhibition (India) Pvt Ltd works together, in teams, to deliver timely and quality output.We value every single employee of ours and share a special relationship with each one of them.Every job, regardless the size or scope, gets equal attention to detail and quality that have become synonymous with CEI. Experienced staff members are adept at matching the needs of clientele with our capabilities, and they are proven trouble-shooters and problem-solvers. Right from the 'think-tank' in the creative, management and marketing to dispatch, every body is a committed task master.We've always tried to create a happy and hard-working environment for our staff, and maintained a lean and focussed team. That way our customers get the expert attention they expect, and so far we've managed it all without any middle management in place, which we feel, so often impedes communication.

We look forward to becoming your first choice in India and abroad.



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